Free Guide



  • Free Roulette works basically like the real money game
  • You don’t need to download an app to play Free Roulette
  • You cannot win real money while playing Free Roulette


Overall, Free Roulette is a great way to practice before playing the real money game, especially for newbies. You get to enjoy your game time and do not lose money while playing.
It also serves as a good way for expert gamers to try out their new strategies and perfect them before wagering money. Since Free Roulette is basically for practice, it is a win-win situation. You should check out a good Roulette site and start testing your skills right away.

How It Works

If you’re a regular player at casinos, you will agree that Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular gambling games. The wheel game has been around for centuries now – in different variations and formats, thrilling on the table every time.

In the past, before you play Roulette at a land-based casino, you need to bet some amount of money. But with technology and the advent of online casinos and gaming sites, Roulette can now be played for free on your smartphones even without installing any app. What it means is that you get to play it without paying or using your money to bet.


  • How to Play Free Roulette Games

Free Roulette is practically the same as real money Roulette, only that it is the demo version of the real game. This demo or free play version is usually provided by the developer of the games to give players the opportunity to practice before playing the real game.

Hence, to play Free Roulette, you first have to look for a gaming site or online casino that has demo versions of the game. Once you find such a casino and launch the free Roulette game, the steps are similar to the real money game.

The basic rule is to predict where the ball will land after the spinning of the wheel comes to an end.

After launching the game, here is a breakdown of the steps to follow:

    1. Choose your bet size (you don’t have to use money as you’ll find virtual coins available in the game)
    2. Place your bet on the table to make your bet
    3. Hit the “Spin” or “Play” button.
    4. Watch the Roulette wheel spin and let the ball to land.
    5. If the ball stops on the pocket or area you place your wager, you win. Otherwise, you lose.
    6. Another game round commences and the process continues


  • Variations of Online Roulette

Although we have described the general steps to play Roulette above, there might be slight differences in the betting layout or wheel, depending on the variant of the game. Here, we describe some of the popular online variants that are usually available for free.


  • American Roulette: This is one of the oldest and most popular variants of Roulette. American Roulette has 38 number pockets, including ‘0’, ‘00’, and 1 to 36. The RTP stands at around 94.74%.


  • European Roulette: The European Roulette wheel has 37 number pockets which include ‘0’ and numbers 1 to 36. The lack of the ‘00’ in the wheel reduces the house edge from around 5.3% which is in the American Roulette to 2.65%. Therefore, the European Roulette has a more friendly RTP of around 97.30% which makes it more popular among players.


  • French Roulette: This is another popular variant that is similar to the European Roulette in that the wheels are the same. The differences are in the betting layout and the addition of the “La Partage” rule. The La Partage rule makes players who place even money bets get back half of their stake if the spin results in a zero. This singular difference increases its RTP to 98.65%.


  • Mini Roulette: This variant is less common but has recently been gaining popularity at online casinos. As the term ‘Mini’ suggests, the variant is a ‘trimmed down’ Roulette version. It has fewer numbers and wagering options, but is still based on the same basic gameplay. The wheel has numbers 0 to 12 only.


  • Multi-Ball Roulette: The multi-ball version features as many as ten balls on the wheels. It significantly increases the winning chances of a bet, but the payouts are lower.


  • Multi-Ball Roulette: Here, you have up to 8 wheels spinning at the same time. You will have to bet across all the eight wheels. The wheels which are the same as that of the European Roulette spin independently, further increasing your chances of landing a win.


  • Types of Bet in Online Roulette

Generally, you have to place your bet on the number pocket or area you think the ball will land. The bets are divided into the major types described below


  • Inside Bet: This is a type of bet that you place on individual numbers. For example, you may bet that the ball will land on number 8. These types of bets have very high payouts, but fewer chances of winning.


  • Outside Bets: These are bets placed on a group of numbers. You may bet on the first 12 numbers (1 – 12), the second 12 numbers (13 – 24), the third, or fourth. You may also bet on either group 1 – 18 or 19 – 36. Also, you may choose to bet on all red or all blacks, or all odds or even numbers. These types of bets have higher odds but lower payouts.


  • Can I win Money when I play Free Roulette?

As mentioned, Free Roulette is the demo version of the real game. It does not involve real money in betting and also does not reward you with real money.

A player who wins when playing Free Roulette is paid in virtual chips which can only be used to play other rounds. He cannot withdraw the money or use it for any other thing.