Free Card Games



  • The normal rules of blackjack are the same as Free Blackjack
  • Each round begins with players being dealt two cards facing up while the dealer's first card is turned
  • Free Blackjack is a game with minimal risk


Free Blackjack is a form of blackjack that is supposed to increase the player’s chance of winning while also maintaining the integrity of the original blackjack gameplay.
The players are offered a free bet option when there is either a split or double down.
The player can split without a wager when dealt their first two cards.

How It Works

Free Bet Blackjack is a casino game that is fun to play and easy to understand. There are so many unique features of the game that keep gamers attracted to it.
Plus, it is one of the Free Bet Blackjack game variants.

The peculiar thing about Free Blackjack is that it appeals mostly to newcomers in card games and players playing with tight bankrolls.

The normal rules of blackjack are not altered on Free Blackjack. You can still double-down on games in hand apart from 9, 10, and 11 and split your 4s and 10s. But keep in mind that doing that doesn’t require a free bet.


  • Types of Blackjack

There are several variants of blackjack, each with a modulation to give the game an exciting feel.


  • Zappit Blackjack

Though similar to traditional blackjack games with a major rule that seemed to change. A gamer that is dealt a 15, 16, or 17 may ignore both cards and deal a new hand.


  • Face Up Blackjack

Face Up blackjack is popularly used in the description of a blackjack game where the cards are dealt to face upwards, including the dealer’s cards. Using this, the gamer has a good advantage, though certain rules apply that counter this.


  • Double Attack Blackjack

Double attack Blackjack utilizes the Spanish 21 card deck, so no tens are available in the deck. Although face cards can still be found in the deck, this game has the normal standards except that players can multiply the bet made at first, even after the dealer’s door card has been seen by them.


  • The Gameplay

At the beginning of each section, the players are given two starting cards facing up while the dealer’s initial card is turned over. If the dealer holds an ace or 10, then they check for the blackjack.

When there is an ace, your insurance is offered, and a safety net is ready for those who got blackjack. If there is no Blackjack, then the hand is continued in the same manner.

Here are the free bet options;


  • Split

When there’s a pair given to them on their first two cards (except in 10 value cards), the gamer is permitted to split and not necessarily make another wager.

The dealer then allows the placing of a unique free bet alongside the originally placed wager and deals the game as usual.

Per hand, there’s only a free split allowed. However, the players are allowed to wager their funds for any valuable extra splits.


  • Double

A hard nine, ten, or eleven is something a gamer should have to qualify to receive the free double ( double down).

The free bet option is used primarily behind the bet, and the person dealing continues to deal the cards normally.

The other two-card combinations could be multiplied, but the gamer cannot have this as a free bet but will have to bet out of his pocket for this.

Now once the dealer has gotten to the 21 mark or is in the middle of a 17 to 21 mark, all the remaining hands need to defeat the dealer to get paid.

All winnings are expected to be paid one ratio one (1:1) and wagers with a similar total as the dealer requirement will PUSH.

Also, all successful “free bet “buttons are to be paid, equating to the unique wager.

And peradventure the draws get to exactly 22 by the person dealing; all other hands can PUSH.



  • Blackjack pays three to two;
  • Dealer stands on seventeen (soft/hand);
  • A serious double on black is allowed;
  • If there is a split on the original hand that was played, then a free double is granted ;
  • A regular Double is available on two (2) card hands;
  • Normal splits are allowed close to three (3) times in a total of four (4) hands;
  • Insurance is allowed and guaranteed.


  • Game Tips

One of the biggest switches in the strategy used in the game of Free Blackjack is the idea that you’d get to come down for free on a two-card hand worth nine, ten, and eleven. That in itself is not in support of any dealer up-card.

A player can also split his pairs for free except fours (if the dealer possesses at least five or six up card) and fives (when a free double is offered and tens).

If you plan to play it safe, you can double down against the six up-card of a dealer using a soft 16, 17, and 18.

However, if a player takes a free split and gets a soft 16 up to a soft 20, the player is expected to pay to double down against the dealer’s six up-card.

It is not bad to consider doubling down after a free split against the dealer’s five up-cards, especially when the soft 17 to soft 19 is available.

Like most online or offline games when participating in the Blackjack game, the key is getting lucky using your double downs and your splits.

One of the lovely things about Free Blackjack is that it’s a game with minimal risk while also being wallet-friendly.